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CAS Number65340-70-7
Catalog NumberCF17142
Purity 98%
AppearanceLight brown solid
Molecular FormulaC9H5BrClN
Molecular Weight242.5
COA and SpectraAvailable upon request
Shelf timeTwo years
PackagingAluminum foil bag/fluoride bottle/drum

Company Profile
Shanghai Zaiqi Bio-Tech Co,. Ltd., established in year 2004, is an innovative company specialized in R&D and manufacturing of active pharmaceutical intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), specific auxiliaries and fine chemicals. Our newly built and well equipped R&D center covers an area of 2020 sqm and is capable of offering catalog products, custom contract service from g up to 20 kgs, process development and optimization. For large quantity product, our joint-ventured plant in Liaoning Province can scale up production to mt with various volume facilities. Both Shanghai R&D center and Liaoning plant have ISO9001 certified and have an in-built quality management system in every single stage of enterprise daily operation, from research to manufacturing, from QC to logistics.
Since the very first day of establishment, we keep in mind that trust is the basis of building and nurturing business relationship. Therefore, it is our working style and practice that being honest toward customers and keeping customers informed with progress updates on regular basis.
Does Shanghai Zaiqi has custom research service (CRS)?
As an innovative small-sized technical company, actually CRS is thecornerstone and an essential part of company business development. Around half of chemicals in our product library are accumulated from CRSprojects.CRS keeps us staying in the frontier of this highly innovative and highly competitive industry.
Does Shanghai Zaiqi has custom manufacturing service (CMS)?
With the existing production capability of our manufacturing plant in Fuxin, Shanghai Zaiqi is capable to do process development and optimization and production scale-up to hundreds of kgsand multi tons on non-GMP basis at a competitive market price. The Fuxin manufacturing plant is ISO9001 approved and can offer a completed set of quality documents and records.
What’s Shanghai Zaiqi’s regular shipping model and how long does it take for product warehouse-out?
Our regular shipping model is by air, TNT economy service but we can also use DHL and FedEx if customers have their own accounts. For large quantity, we ship goods by sea.
It normally takes around 5-7 working days after goods are produced to go through the product warehouse-out procedure, including application of Certificate of Safe Transport of chemicals, warehouse-out inspection, making logistic and shipping documents and booking flights.
What’s Shanghai Zaiqi’s quality policy?
With advantage of Quality Management System ISO9001 which was taken into effective since early 2016, we strictly conform to SOP in daily operation of the whole company, from purchasing to administration, from R&D to logistics. After one year’s implement, we benefit a lot in terms of traceability. We found we progress a lot in internal management and work effectiveness.
How do you handle customer complaints?
CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) is a crucial part of SOP. We treat each customer’s complaint as an opportunity to improve ourselves by correction and prevention. We have a completed set of CAPA forming and handling procedure in all related parties aiming at minimizing lost and re-occurrence rate while maximizing “lesson effect” internally.
Should you're in need of 6-bromo-4-chloroquinoline 65340-70-7, welcome to contact Zaiqi Bio-Tech. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China and we have many professional vendors spread around the world to serve you at any time.
Contact Us
Contact person: Ms. Celina Xu
Phone: 0086 21 6722 0633 Ext. 8023
Website: www.pharmsynth.comQuinolines vendors


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